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Double Hung Windows

Our 2000, 4000 and 6000 Series of double hung windows give you the design you want with a variety of customizations and price points that suit your needs.

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img-2000-series-double-hung2000 Series Double Hung

Clean lines and premium construction come center stage in the 2000 Series. A no-frills option for those who want quality and simplicity, these double hung windows promise energy efficiency, superior strength and effortless operation.

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4000 Series Double Hung

double hung 4000 seriesWith triple-pane performance in a dual-pane design, the 4000 Series delivers quality energy savings in a class all its own. The thermally optimized frame and non-conductive reinforcements are the secrets to this window’s efficiency. Encased in a beautifully refined silhouette, the 4000 is an affordable option that meets ENERGY STAR requirements for the ultimate in insulation.

 Performance Features:

  • double hung 4000 seriesReinforced narrow silhouette frame and sash profiles make a statement of style with their low-profile design. The result is a beautiful and expanded glass area. At the same time, internal chambers increase structural integrity, rigidity and energy efficiency.
  • Composite meeting-rail reinforcement allows for secure mounting of hardware; the non-conductive material helps reduce the transfer of energy.
  • End-of-throw cam shift locking delivers increased strength and protection to the recessed lock. It also includes an “unlocked” indicator.
  • The smooth and uniform, true sloped sill quickly directs water runoff without the use of weep holes, keeping the exterior of the window clean and attractive.
  • Our telescoping sill dam delivers a triple payoff; protection from air and water infiltration, increased structural stability and enhanced beauty.
  • When extreme wind and weather hit, our proprietary sill interlock stands strong. Traditional slope sill designs can allow the sash to bow during powerful winds, but with our interlocking sash-to-sill technology, the sash is channeled firmly into the window frame for a unified wall of strength.
  • Our innovative screen bulb seal creates a snug fit that eliminates light and insect penetration between the screen and frame. It also aids in easy screen installation and removal.


double hung 4000 series  opening your double hung 4000 series


cleaning your double hung 4000 series
Both sashes of Window World Double-Hung Windows tilt in for easier, safer cleaning from inside your home.

Additional Sliding Window Features:

  • Sashes glide horizontally for easy open and close
  • Sashes lift out for convenient cleaning
  • Dual brass roller system delivers smooth gliding performance

Insulated Glass Packages to Meet Your Needs

Our high-performance SolarZone™ insulated glass packages are designed to combat every climate challenge. For instance, if you need to reduce your heating bill, look for a lower U-Value. If you are trying to save on air conditioning costs, pay attention to low Solar Heat Gain Coefficients (SHGC). Use the chart below to find the perfect SolarZone™ package for you.

Thermal Performance Comparison
*Whole window values are based on double-strength glass, standard 4000 Series offering with composite reinforcements. ST and HP performance values are also available.
Double-Hung Sliding
U-Factor SHGC U-Factor SHGC
Clear Glass 0.46 0.59 0.45 0.57
SolarZone 0.29 0.30 0.28 0.30
SolarZone Elite 0.28 0.21 0.28 0.20
SolarZone iE 0.28 0.30 0.28 0.30
SolarZone ThermD 0.28 0.30 0.27 0.30
SolarZone ThermD Elite 0.27 0.21 0.27 0.20
SolarZone ThermD iE 0.27 0.30 0.26 0.30

Clear: Double-paned clear glass unit.
SolarZone: Double-paned unit with one pane of Low-E glass, argon gas and metal alloy Intercept spacer.
SolarZone Elite: Double-paned unit with one pane of Low-E SHGC glass, argon gas and metal alloy Intercept spacer.
SolarZone iE: Double-paned unit with one pane of Low-E glass, argon gas and metal alloy Intercept spacer, along with insulation-enhanced mainframe.
SolarZone ThermD: Double-paned unit with one pane of Low-E glass, argon gas and stainless steel Intercept spacer.
SolarZone ThermD Elite: Double-paned unit with one page of Low-E SHGC glass, argon gas and stainless steel Intercept spacer.
SolarZone ThermD iE: Double-paned unit with one pane of Low-E glass, argon gas and stainless steel Intercept spacer, along with insulation-enhanced mainframe.

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6000 Series Double Hung


The 6000 Series is our most efficient window available, which comes standard with the SolarZone™ TG2 Elite™ package for the highest performance in insulation.

Advanced engineering details and design flexibility will make this model your favorite replacement window for any home or style.

Take a closer look at the 6000 Series R-5 windows


Color Options


img-solarzone-energyGlass Options

Save on heating and cooling costs year-round with the SolarZone™ TG2 Elite™ insulated glass package. In warm weather, it will reduce solar heat accumulation, minimize interior glare and lower interior glass temperature. In cool temps, it delivers outstanding thermal performance and warmer interior glass surfaces to maintain comfort in the winter. This package also meets all ENERGY STAR requirements.

Meets ENERGY STAR® requirements in all Zones.

Additional Features


Grid Options

Flat and simulated divided lite grids are available in standard and custom patterns.

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