Energy Efficient Windows

Save Big with Energy Efficient Windows

Are you looking for an update that will transform your Baltimore home? Start with energy efficient windows from Window World of Baltimore. Our ENERGYSTAR® Qualified SolarZone™ windows are not just another disposable expense, but rather an investment that will bring you value for years to come.

Your home deserves the best, in design and functionality. Our energy efficient windows provide just that. Built with a number of features designed to keep your energy bills low and your home’s temperatures constant, energy efficient windows are vital in gaining the maximum value your space has to offer.

How Do Energy Efficient Windows Work?

Several characteristics come together to create one of the most energy efficient options on the market. Between the Low-E Glass and Intercept™ Spacer, Window World’s ENERGYSTAR® Qualified SolarZone™ Insulated Glass package will not only save you money on your bills, but will also keep your home comfortable — no matter what season.

Our energy efficient windows work using a combination of features, such as:

Low-E Glass

During warm summer months Low-E glass keeps your home cool by filtering out long-wave radiation from the sun. Alternatively, in colder winter months Low-E glass allows warm solar rays to enter your home, utilizing natural light to warm your home while simultaneously blocking the warm air from escaping your space.

Low-E glass keeps your home cooler in the summer Low-E glass keeps the heat from getting out in the winter

Intercept Spacer SystemTM

Intercept Spacer System™The Intercept Spacer System™ provides added protection to your windows. An effective thermal barrier, the Intercept™ Spacer is vital in maintaining constant temperatures in your home and keeping unwanted outside air where it belongs—outside.

In the winter, the Intercept™ Spacer keeps the edges of your window warmer, fostering a more comfortable, more constant temperature in your home.


Window Heat Emissions ComparisonVisualize the difference energy efficient windows will have on your home with thermography. Our Low-E glass helps block out solar heat more effectively than a clear insulated glass unit. The window on the left represents a standard clear insulating glass, while the window on the right represents an energy efficient window from Window World.

How Will Energy Efficient Windows Benefit My Home?

Improved glass performance will not only bring you substantial savings on your heating & cooling bills, but will also protect your home from harsh UV rays and maintain comfortability year-round. Just a few of the benefits you will see from energy efficient windows, include:

  • A warmer home in cold months. A warmer glass temperature is maintained in winter thanks to our Low-E glass, which increases R-value by an additional 104%.
  • A cooler home in warm months. Reduce solar heat gain by 48% with energy efficient windows. This allows your A/C to function normally, cutting energy bills significantly.
  • Constant temperatures. The additional insulation that energy efficient windows offer, help trap outside air from entering your home, meaning that your temperatures stay where you set them.
  • Protection from UV rays. Harsh UV rays can damage the carpet, curtains and furniture in your home, permanently fading them. Energy efficient windows will protect the interior of your home, and transform the exterior.


Learn More about Energy Efficient Windows from Window World of Baltimore

Whether you want to learn more about energy efficient windows, or you’re ready to schedule a free in-home estimate, Window World of Baltimore is here for you. Don’t wait any longer to get started on your home transformation. Begin with energy efficient windows, and the rest will fall into place. Contact us today to get started!